Green Energy Commodities | UK-based company

Green Energy Commodities is a UK-based company that trades in certificated environmental products. The Green Energy Commodities headquarters is in the City of London. The website address for Green Energy Commodities is . This provides comprehensive details of the various products offered by Green Energy Commodities. The website also provides several downloadable brochures and videos. This information enables potential customers of Green Energy Commodities to learn further about the background to the certificated environmental products market. Green Energy Commodities can be contacted by email, phone, or by a callback service included on the website. The website sets out the Green Energy Commodities terms of business. The website can also be used by existing Green Energy Commodities customers to manage their investments.

The current market in certificated environmental products came about as a consequence of the Kyoto Agreement in 1997. Under this Agreement, various industrialised countries in addition to a majority of individual US states agreed to put provisions in place to cut carbon emissions. Many governments have in place a system of carbon credits to control the emissions of their heaviest polluting industries. If a company emits less than its designated carbon allowance it is able to sell its excess to another organisation. The fact that carbon allowances are transferrable underpins the Green Energy Commodities business model.

Green Energy Commodities has particular experience in dealing with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). These certificates were introduced primarily as a means of verifying that an organisation has met its requirements under post-Kyoto environmental legislation. An individual Renewable Energy Certificate provides confirmation that 1 megawatt hour of electricity has been produced from a renewable source. RECs are transferrable which means that companies such as Green Energy Commodities are able to trade in them. The owner of a REC is able to state that he has purchased renewable energy. This makes RECs attractive to those companies that wish to cultivate a green image to attract customers concerned with the ‘carbon footprint’ of the products and services they are purchasing. The fact that RECs are appealing to such organisations, increases their desirability as investment products for companies such as Green Energy Commodities. To illustrate the marketability of RECs, Green Energy Commodities states that a wide variety of high-profile organisations are known to have invested in them. These organisations include Google, Dell, McDonalds, Citigroup, Starbucks and Microsoft. Potential customers are able to contact Green Energy Commodities direct for price quotes on products.